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Birthday Cake Designs

Birthday Cake Designs – Decorate Your Heart Out!

Big Top Tent CakeWho doesn’t love a beautifully designed birthday cake, preferably with a ton of sprinkles?

A birthday is one of the most important days in most kids’ and even in some adults’ lives, and don’t we all desire our birthday to be an unforgettable one?

But what’s a birthday without a birthday cake?

The birthday cake is like the centerpiece of an art exhibition. Everybody likes eating cakes and there’s hardly anyone in the world who can claim otherwise. But there is also another universal truth, that no matter how tasty your cake is and how hard you have worked on it, unless and until it looks super delectable, mouth-wateringly beautiful and appetizing, it will all be for naught.

Any form of art be it painting, singing, dancing, baking, cooking (yes, cooking is definitely one of the most taxing form of arts there is), and even birthday cake decorating needs extreme dedication and though nobody is saying you did not put all your efforts into making that perfect cake, you can always go a step further and decorate your cake and make it much more appealing.

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Simple And Clean Birthday Cake

How To Achieve A Perfectly Designed Birthday Cake

Here are some of the best ways you will come across that will help you achieve that bakery-like perfection when it comes to a birthday cake design:

Things required to help you decorate:

1. Piping bag and different nozzles.

2. Food coloring

3. Readymade fondant or Homemade Fondant

5. A palette knife

6. A turntable if you have one.

7. The icing of your choice. It can be anything from a simple butter-cream icing to the ever popular royal icing – choose frostings colours according to the birthday cake decorating ideas you may have.

8. Frosting

To make fondant at home, you need:

*1 tablespoon unflavored gelatine
*¼ cup cold water
*1 teaspoon almond extract
*½ cup light corn syrup
*1 tablespoon glycerin
*2 lbs powdered sugar
*½ teaspoon butter

How to make yummy fondant easily at home for the perfect birthday cake designs:

Sprinkle gelatin over cold water in a bowl and let it rest for 2 minutes so that it softens before microwaving the bowl on high for 30 seconds so that the gelatin dissolves.

Continue by adding the almond extract, corn syrup and glycerin to this mixture and whisk till it has become clear and smooth.

Add almost 1 ½ lbs of the sugar into the bowl continue stirring with a wooden spoon till the mixture has become sticky.

Using the remaining sugar, dust a work surface and empty the sticky sugar mixture onto it. Keep kneading the sugar till it has become smooth and pliable and now rub your fingers with the butter and continue kneading so that you work the shortening into the dough.

Finally cover this up with a plastic wrap and refrigerate.



Birthday cake decorating how – to based on your birthday cake designs:

  1. Start by first deciding as to what flavor of cake you want to make as this will vastly affect the type of icing and the flavor of icing you will be making.
  2. Now once the cake is baked and cooled, cover it with frosting thoroughly using a palette knife and a turntable if necessary.
  3. Here is where you can let the artist in you come out to help you decorate that cake with a piping bag. Pipe the designs you want to onto the frosted cake and be as creative as you want to be.
  4. You can use more embellishments like edible glitter powder, edible shiny beads or sugar flowers, which are easily available in any grocery store near you. You can also make sugar flowers on your own using the fondant that you have prepared earlier.

You’re only restricted by your imagination here! Just place some coloured candy in an interesting modern art kind of style on a white fondant base to lend your birthday cake a chic and artistic look, if you are out of ideas or time – or both!

Be creative!

  1. And there it is, you are done with your birthday cake decorating ideas and designs!

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Brilliantly easy birthday cake designs:

For people and kids that love gorgeous and unusual cakes, here a few birthday cake decorating ideas that will bring a huge smile on anyone’s face.

All the following cakes are student projects from different Craftsy Classes:


Lady Bug Cake: Pizza Cake:
LadyBugCakes PizzaCake
Basically just two round cakes where one used
for the body and the other for the head, this is a
super easy cake design.You just need red, black and white food coloring,
red and black for its body and white for the eyes,
and voila!You have a professional looking cake in
your midst!
Just a cake baked in a flat round dish,
coated with frosting and then decorated
with colored fondants that make it look
like pizza toppings, this is another simple
and yet gorgeous cake that the birthday
boy/girl would love.You can sprinkle some castor sugar
on top to make it look like cheese.
Football Cake: Batman Cake:
Football Birthday Cake Batman Cake - Student Project
Make an oval cake and just trim off the
sides a little to give it a football like shape,
and coat it smoothly with a chocolate
butter-cream icing so that it looks more
authentic, and pipe the rest of the
details in place.
A round cake coated in frosting
and covered smoothly in dark blue
fondant is all you  need and
the rest is up to your imagination.Pipe the city of Gotham along
the sides of the cake and make
a little action figure of batman
stand on top of the cake to
make it look more fun.
M and M Cake:
M&M Cake - Student Project
This cake combines the deliciousness
of your cake and the deliciousness of
the ever popular M and M. Frost the
cake and then just let your imagination
run wild, make whatever pattern you
want with the M and M.You might even ask the birthday boy/girl’s
friends to decorate the cake as they see a
fit, a sort of DIY activity as well



What say you?

Here we have some basic birthday cake designs ideas that you can easily do at home and make your cake taste great and also make it picture perfect. So, go on and enjoy making a masterpiece out of that simple yet delicious cake of yours and let that artist in you unfurl.

Or for more brilliantly easy birthday cake designs and decoration skills that wow everyone and get you awesome reviews, join this cake decorating class immediately.

Imagine making a colorful, flamboyant circus cake for a friend’s birthday, or a giant carousel birthday cake for a very special little girl, or the beautiful, jaw-dropping hot air balloon cake for the special someone in your life, or even your best friend – these cakes will make sure that any birthday event becomes super special and gets talked about for ages! Not to mention your amazing birthday cake design skills that will get appreciation from one and all.

So, let Jessica Harris’s vibrant personality and unique cake designing tips and ideas make you a cake decorating rock-star, with cool tricks like sculpting a cake structure with rice cereal!

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