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Designer Cake: Design A Handbag

Designer Cake: Design A Handbag

Design A Handbag

#ad Design A Handbag Cake Class

A Unique Program that Teaches You the 411 on the Creation Process of Design

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It is definitely not a secret that designer bags have always been very popular among women; therefore, designer handbag cakes can often been seen in a variety of different festivities.

Some festivities where this type of cakes can be seen quite frequently are birthday parties, Sweet Sixteen parties, and even bachelorette parties.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not difficult to make at all, you just need to undertake the proper training.


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Designer Cake from Scratch

At the moment, there are a few training programs you can take advantage of, but it seems that the Designer Handbag Cakes Program by Elisa Strauss is being the talk of the town for its innovative approach, affordability, and effectiveness. This particular program, which you can undertake on your personal computer, provides you with the 411 on everything that you need to know in order to start creating designer handbag cakes like a total professional. (It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie in the culinary field.)

The instructor of this program, Ms. Strauss, shows how simple it is to make a designer handbag cake from scratch. With her help, you can now have your handbag and eat it, too.

In her program, you’ll get a handle on designing this type of cakes, including texture and custom color choices. You will learn how to sculpt your cake into those fashionable handbags that are currently reining the fashion world, with pleats and divots (providing a authentic sense of moment). Ms. Strauss will teach you how to create genuine-looking buckles, rivets, and zippers from gum paste.

Other things that you will learn are techniques for doweling your cake, how to apply textured fondant, how to develop dynamic sculpting methods, and you will explore exotic fondant textures and patterns, like giraffe, alligator, and ostrich.

This type of creation can surely provide some sophistication and glamor to any celebration. You can make a small designer handbag cake for an intimate gathering or you can make one of massive size one for a crowded occasion.

Birkin Bag Louis Vuitton Cake
Handbag Cake    Adidas Track bag

Design a Cake Class

More than 5,000 individuals have enrolled in this program. It has received numerous of positive reviews which is just one of the major reasons why people keep enrolling to it.

With this program, you’ll attain eleven high definition video lessons that you will be able to access anywhere and anytime, downloadable class materials, hours of close-up embellishing instruction, texturizing, and sculpting, and answers from Elisa in the virtual classroom. Your access to them never expires.

Elisa Strauss used to be a designer for Ralph Lauren, but she soon found out that her passion was making cakes. She is now the founder and owner of Confetti Cakes. Ms. Strauss is an award-winning artist.

Her cakes have appeared on Sex and the City, the Food Network’s Extreme Cake Challenge, The View, and Today show. Elisa’s work has also been featured in a variety of different magazines such as Modern Bride, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and InStyle. In 2008, Pastry Art and Design magazine named Ms. Strauss one of the ten best pastry chefs in America.

This talented instructor seeks to teach everything she knows with people like you.


Click Here To Join This Exciting Class: Designer Handbag Cakes


Student Projects from The Designer Handbag Cakes:

Birkin Bag Sculpted Cake Coach Diaper Bag LV Tote
My Very First Michael Korr Purse Cake First Handbag Cake Handbag and suit case cakes Louis Vuitton Cake
Mulberry Bayswater Handbag Red Bag On Very Humid Weather Michael Kors bag for 15 people Handbag Cake
Leopard Print Coach Purse Designer handbag Designer Handbag Cake full_5039_256637_AdidasTrackbagfor570people_1
18th Birthday Bag Practice _Fabulous Fifty Handbag full_8841_256882_HandbagCake_1
Mulberry Handbag Ekasi Handbag Red Birthday Purse full_9876_253206_Guccibag_1
LV Cake Purse Kelly Brown Cake LouisVuittonCake list_7033_264813_VintageLuggage_1







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