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How to Decorate a Cake - Jessica Harris

How to Decorate a Cake with Jessica Harris

Many would never realize how complex a task it is to professionally decorate a cake. It takes skill, creativity, time, and a whole range of tools to make these beautiful cakes. From wax paper to razor blades, there are multitudes of complex tools and processes to be learned. In her videos, Jessica Harris, an expert and self-learned cake maker, shares her years of wisdom and practice in ten easy-to-follow lessons.

Clean & Simple Birthday Cakes
from: Craftsy

No matter who you are, a simple home hobbyist, a professional looking to hone your skills, or anything in between, Jessica Harris aims to instruct and improve on your cake making skills. Be it birthday parties or massive functions, your case will stand out in the best way possible.

This class with Jessica Harris is an amazing interactive online class! Learn how to make birthday cakes that really stands out!  You will have lifetime access to the class which mean you can watch whenever you like! And no risk for you: – Craftsy gives money back guarantee! So join us in this fun birthday cake design class!


Clean & Simple Birthday Cakes


Student Project  Student Project


How To Decorate a Cake Lessons

The first cake decorating lesson is a simple introduction from Jessica Harris herself. Here, you’ll learn of her experiences, and her background. A former engineer an interior designer, she is a self-taught artist to forged her own techniques and mastered her own practices. Now, she wants to share them, with anyone looking to better their design, as she did.

The next few lessons focus on how to properly cover the cake. Crumb coating, modeling chocolate, and fondant are all explained in detail in these classes where you lern how to decorate a cake, with optimal practices and processes. Covering the cake evenly and properly is perhaps the most important aspect to decorating a cake, and you’ll not be wanting in instruction in it.

How to Decorate with Wax Paper

Next, you’ll learn of Jessica’s unique and brilliant wax paper transfer method. This innovative technique cuts design and application times to a minimum, and makes the whole process of transferring templates easier as well. In particular, you’ll learn to make piping designs with the wax paper.

The final few cake lessons focus on the details. Here, delicate objects such as ruffles, bows, flowers, and scallops are carefully taught in detail. Normally requiring a mastery of the art to learn and create, Jessica opens these designs to any prospective cake maker. You’ll also learn to properly assemble more complex cakes, with Jessica’s expert instruction.

Decorating A Cake Class

As the class is composed of videos of varying length, it’s available to you whenever and wherever you need it. If you find yourself struggling with the cake decor techniques you learned, you can always go back and relearn the processes involved. Your access to the class will never expire, so you can use the videos as reference for years to come.

You are going to need a lot of materials for the class. Aside from the basics, a full list of materials is provided on the class page, including ingredients. There’s a lot, so be prepared to go shopping.

Professionally designing cakes certainly is a challenge, especially if you learn it yourself, as Jessica Harris did. Now, however, she’s ready to share her secrets and tips to any future masters of design.

Cake design is a skill which is sure to wow and impress, and its fruits can be shown at any coming event. You might even be able to market your skills, and get paid to make cakes! So, what you waiting for? Become the next big face at any event, and become renowned for your brilliant cake design.

There are so many people that have been enjoying this cake decorating class on Craftsy. And lots of them have been making there own cake decorating projects while studying the class.

The results are stunning; look at the pictures below and look and the cakes they have been decorating! There is no reason you can’t create your own masterpiece at home!

Some Student Projects from: Clean & Simple Birthday Cakes
from: Craftsy

full_629_258929_Carouselcakeforalittleboy_1 full_1154_224558_NeighborhoodRide_4  full_1545_174884_BigTopCircusCake_1
full_629_258929_Carouselcakeforalittleboy_1 full_913_233747_MyLittlePony_1 full_3811_174882_HotAirBalloonCake_1
full_6218_228327_CandyCake_1 full_6501_224558_NeighborhoodRide_2 full_4440_223764_WinniethePoohandfriends_1 (1)
 full_7559_224295_CarnivalThemecake_3  full_7547_223051_CarnivalCake_1  full_7283_225798_Sailboat_1
 full_5104_230837_HotAirBalloonCupcakes_1 full_5230_223764_WinniethePoohandfriends_3   full_4977_224982_ButtonsandBows_1
full_4481_223764_WinniethePoohandfriends_2 full_4440_223764_WinniethePoohandfriends_1 full_4440_223764_WinniethePoohandfriends_1 (1)
full_4362_250615_CandyCarousel_1 full_4234_220130_HotAirBallonCake_1 full_3811_174882_HotAirBalloonCake_1
full_2787_208764_MyLittlePonyTwilightSparkle_1 full_2827_224146_rollerskatestrippycake_1 full_2818_243996_cakeCarousel_1
full_3094_255885_HotAirBalloonCake_1 full_3217_220130_HotAirBallonCake_2 full_3602_174880_CarouselCake_4
full_1616_246954_BigTopTentCake_1 full_6680_224558_NeighborhoodRide_3

From all the many comments that the students of this class have made, this is some important thing said about the class:

The class is great class to learn new skills

One person found the class: Informative and easy to follow

Many says: I love it, love it……

One was reluctant to sign up, but so happy she did! Loved the step by step teaching.

Many loves it because the teacher makes it so simple..

Super professional!!!

And there are so many more comments…if you want to read more, please visit this page:

Clean & Simple Birthday Cakes 

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