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How to Make Cake Toppers

How to Make Cake Toppers The Best Way

Artistic cake decorations (also known as cake toppers) are figures, pictures, or flowers that are placed on top of cakes. They are edible art, generally 3D figures and are made to look as realistic as possible. These special ornaments consist of specific ingredients and are made with the aid of a variety of different methods.


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Custom Cake Toppers Step By Step Class

Although cake toppers can be utilized on any cake, they are usually placed on cakes that are for special events such as birthdays and weddings, and milestones. Of course, in order to generate the final result that you want, you need to know the 411 on how to create them.

Culinary school is not necessary anymore as you have a variety of different methods that can teach you from the comfort of your own home if you just have access to a computer such as the very popular Custom Cake Toppers: Step by Step Program with Brenda Walton.

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Learn How To Create Bride And Groom Cake Toppers

Knowing how to make edible cake decorations can come in handy if you want to save a couple of bucks every time a special occasion that requires a cake pops up or if you have been thinking about opening your own cake shop. This program will teach you how to create cake toppers that resemble a bride, groom, sweet grandma, smiling grandpa, and cheery little girl. From all the information that you will be taught, you will be able to get creative and develop your own characters.

Depending on the desired edible figure, they can be made of different types of fondant, gum paste sugar, and etc. The deadline for decoration varies depending on what you do. It is not difficult to create 3D figures; you just need the adequate training.

Large decorations that are based fondant or gum paste can break without a base. The Custom Cake Toppers: Step by Step Program can inform you about the adequate solutions to undertake in order to avoid this matter from occurring in your projects.

Here are a few Class projects:

Bride Cake Topper A sweet fall Bride Groom
The Happy Couple full_8248_198962_TheHappyCouple_1

Easy To Learn Cake Toppers

Although cake decorations are edible fondant, some fondants have very little taste. This program informs you about what fondants you should utilize. It comes with seven high definition video lessons that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere, class materials that include templates and diagrams, hours of close-instruction, and answers from the experts herself, Brenda, in the virtual classroom. (Your access to this program will never expire.)

This program lets you in on everything that you need to know in order to create show-stopping cake toppers. You will learn how easy it is to make cake toppers just like they do at the pastry shop–but with your signature touch.

At the moment, more than 5,000 individuals have enrolled in this class. It not shocking to see why, as it was created by an individual who is well involved in the industry. Instructor Brenda Walton has traveled throughout the country to teach other individuals the pastry techniques that have made her pastry business, Sugar High Inc., a success. Ms. Walton is more than ready to share her knowledge with you, too.

You can watch the class everywhere and you the classes are available for you your whole lifetime! Buying the class is no risk at all –  Craftsy gives you full money back guarantee!

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Here are some student projects:

These lovely cake decorations are made by students that has finished the class:

full_9483_262162_BrideGroom_2 (1) full_9482_262162_BrideGroom_1 full_9057_259161_LiverpoolLover_1 full_8617_248417_Schoolteachertopper_1 full_8614_261714_Mickeycake_1
full_8392_263410_LegoCake_1 full_8474_261854_Hannahscake_2 full_7251_263409_LegoCupcakes_1 full_7025_260533_TheFarmer_2 full_6912_248403_SweetGrandma_1
full_6439_263408_LegoNinjaCupcakes_1 full_6144_260470_SuperMarioWeddingcakeFake_5 full_5607_263629_caketopers_4 full_4896_261700_LittleMonstersCakeCupcakes_2 full_4063_260774_RainbowDash_2
full_3786_260470_SuperMarioWeddingcakeFake_2 full_3697_262761_TheLittleGirl_1 full_3589_263372_retirementcake_1 full_3389_262307_Hichic_1 full_3325_261854_Hannahscake_1
full_3154_257307_Candela_1 full_2317_258649_DanceWhileWeCanDanceWeddingCake_1 full_2137_249221_HelloKitty_1 full_2077_261700_LittleMonstersCakeCupcakes_1 full_1713_261700_LittleMonstersCakeCupcakes_6
full_1389_261286_BrideGroom_1 full_949_262563_LittleGirlinBubbleBath_1 full_555_263629_caketopers_2 full_508_260470_SuperMarioWeddingcakeFake_6 full_311_257915_Oldfolk_1



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