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Make Your Own Wedding Cake

Make Your Own Wedding Cake

Jeweled Wedding Cake - Student ProjectJust looking at the beautiful wedding cake in the photos and video is enough to take your breath away. Now imagine creating this amazing and delicious masterpiece yourself, even in the comfort of your own kitchen!

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It’s simple, with the interactive classes offered here. Chef Marina Sousa will teach you step-by-step how to create this gorgeous wedding cake. She will guide you through sculpting simple round layer cakes into the beautiful basic beginnings for this cake.

Make Fondant Icing for  Y0ur Wedding Cake

You will learn how to make and use fondant icing for decorating and creating unique designs and perfect surfaces to work on. The incredible embellishments that adorn this cake, including “jeweled” brooches, a diamond ring design, beautiful chain work, all are edible and all will have wedding guests oohing and aahiing with delight. Marina also shows you how to make a gorgeous pedestal to display your masterpiece, complete with jewels to compliment this dazzling cake.

The exciting online interactive classes are available at your disposal, to participate in and take your notes from in your own time, at your leisure. No rushing, no missing any of the details because they are right at your fingertips whenever needed. You will be able to practice each step until you get it just perfect, and if you’ve ever been intimidated by all those tools and gadgets you’ve seen that are used for baking or cake decorating, have no fear!

Marina takes the mystery out of them and shows you what each one is for and how to use it. Before you know it you will be creating any and every cake embellishment you see in these videos, and then some! Have you always wanted to learn to make frosting roses?

You’ll be creating perfect blooms in no time flat. And wait until you see how easy it is to make beautiful, delicate “lace” out of icing! You will become to go-to “cake lady” among all your friends, especially when they see this bejeweled wedding cake! And fellas, don’t let the ladies have all the fun! These classes are for you as well!

Make Your Own Wedding Cake

Jeweled Wedding Cake  from: Craftsy

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Make Amazing Wedding Cakes and More

There is so much information included in each class. You will find yourself creating your own beautiful cakes far beyond this wedding cake. But this is the one that will get you noticed! Incredible detail, easy-to-follow directions that will teach you exactly how to make and place the perfect embellishments and designs, and everything at an unmatched price for these courses! Where else will you find a class instructed by a chef who can create works of art like this multi-tiered wedding cake, that are available to you in your very own home, with simple steps and directions that you can access again and again as you like?

Learn to create sugar jewels, blossoms, fondant “ruffles”, and more. You will even receive instruction on how to perfectly arrange and stack your cake tiers and how to add the finishing touches once this is done, such as painting, edging or trim, and any last-minute details such as extra pearls or jewel bursts.

Register NOW for these one-of-a-kind classes and become your own creative boss. Make these cakes for friends and family, and even turn your newfound talent into a lucrative hobby! Get signed up today and don’t miss out on having everything you’ll need at your fingertips!

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More information on  how to make your own wedding cake you can find here. And here also follow more free videos on the subject:

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