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Simple Techniques for Artistic Cakes

Simple Techniques for Artistic Cakes

If you love to draw and paint, and you want to make some real eye-catching cakes, this cake decorating class must be perfect for you!

You will learn to make beautiful artistic cakes with some easy cake decorating techniques.

This is what you will learn:

How to make a doodle cake and use edible pens as you transfer great designs to cakes
Myton’s tips and tricks how to make your cake look hand-painted
How to apply an appliqué to a fondant-covered cake.
How to paint wafer paper and make a create a textural wafer-paper podium for
your doodle cake.

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You will also get:

6 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access

Class materials, including supply lists

Hours of close-up instruction

Answers from Myton in our virtual classroom


Projects made in this class:

  My first doodle painted flower vase cake

Flower38 Butterfly Doodle Cake

Doodles cake Appliqu 233 Cake
Coral Inspired Wafer Paper Wafer Paper Decorated Cake