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cakeflowerCreating Beautiful Cake Decoration with Flowers!

A very common motif when it comes to decorating cakes is flowers. What would cakes be without flowers?

Flowers are indeed very appropriate for almost every kind of pastry or cake.

I have collected a few simple cake decorating tips that you can use creating your own birthday cake, wedding cake or whatever kind you need to make! A cake decorated with flowers is always appreciated and often a flower decoration can “save” your cake!

Using Drop Flowers Will Make Your Cake Shine!

What are drop flowers? Drop flowers are the small flowers that you often see on cakes; they usually are the main decoration at the cake borders. You can create them by using a basic star tip.

Do like this: Touch the tip of your pastry bag against the surface of the cake and squeeze gently. Then cease the pressure and lift the tip straight up!

Does it sound simple? It is! Of course, as always with some training everything becomes better!

Do you want a more complicated swirled flower? The only thing you need to do is simply to give the bag a little quarter twist as you squeeze out the icing, and then lift straight up.

To make drop flowers is very easy to do, but looks very professional! You will have a very beautiful decorated cake!

Add Flowers – The Center of the Cake

If you want to add flowers to the center of your cake, it is also easy to do. You have to use a round tip to your pastry bag and drop a small dot of icing inside the flower.

If you want something extra on your birthday cake you can fix that by making several dots and then draw a circle around them. That pattern will make your cake look very advanced!

Add Roses – Classical and Elegant Cake Decoration

If you want to go classic – then I think you should try to add roses on your cake. That is absolutely classical; it is elegant and I guess it will never go out of style! Your will impress your friends with your cake decoration skills!

Some few tips for you to succeed:

You will need to have “flower nails” in order to use this technique. (A flower nail you can buy in a cake crafts store) First, hold the flower nail by the stem of your left hand.

Make sure to hold it between your thumb and fingertips. Next, use a round tip to construct a small icing mound in the center of the flower nail. At this point, you will want to switch to a rose tip.

Begin by applying petals to your rose. Then touch the tip holding the wide end down. Squeeze out a bit of icing to make a small arch that loops from one side of the mound.

Turn the nail as you apply the icing to achieve this effect. To finish the effect, add two more overlapping arches around the mound. Does it sound complicated? Practice!

The first rose might not be the best one, but you will be better at it! Making cake decorating flowers can be tricky but are well worth the effort!

Add Rows of Roses

You might now want to continue by adding rows of roses. Some tips for you:

For the second row, try tilting the tip out ever slightly. This time, apply more petals, adding up to five slightly overlapping petals on the row.

For the third row, tilt the tip even more and add seven overlapping petals. This can create a very nice effect. You will want to snip off your rose from the nail with a pair of kitchen scissors.

Next slide the rose and place it on the cake surface. Take a step back and enjoy that what you have created! You can now add cake decoration to your other skills!

Get creative when Decorating your Flower Cake!

There is a very easy way to get creative with your flowers. You can tint the hue of your flowers by using a small paintbrush in the kind of paste color you want.

To get a neat effect, draw a stripe up the inside of your pastry bag from the point to halfway up the pastry bag, and the fill in the bag with your regular icing. This is called bag striping and it can create a very nice effect on how your flowers look.

This is cake decoration with style! Nothing beats a cake decorated with flowers!


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Free Cake Tutorials:

Here are a some cake decorating flowers tutorial for you to watch. It is always great to increase your skills with some cake decorating youtube videos. You will learn a lot from these tutorials.


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