Cake Decorating Icing Tips – Some Basics

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Cake decorating is fun, but you will need practice and training if you want to master it. We have collected some icing tips that will help you as a beginner.

Basic, Easy Cake Decorating Ideas For Beginners:

Icing Equipments

There are a few pieces of equipment you will need for your cake decoration project. Some pastry bags and icing tips might be the most important. You can of course also use paper cone if you want to.

A good icing metal spatula is also necessary in order to make the surface smooth.

Cool The Cake

One important thing to start with while decorating cakes is that the cake is cooled. Best is if you make the cake the day before you start decorating it. The middle of the cake cools very slowly and if you are frosting the cake while it is warm, you will ruin the cake.

 Make A Crumb Coat

When you have your properly cooled cake, you put it on a cake board. To avoid crumbs that often want to destroy you frosting, you can make a thin layer of icing first and that let it dry. This way all crumbs will be looked in this first layer! This is a cake decorating tips worth remembering. You will find it necessary. After that you can cover the cake with a normal layer of icing and it will look absolutely beautiful!

Cool Your Icing Spatula

 One other tip to ensure the icing is really smooth and even; dip your icing spatula in cold water and go over the icing, this will smooth the icing beautifully.

Icing Tips

The icing is the most important part when it comes to cake decorating. Be sure you make the icing quite stiff to begin with. If it is to stiff to work with; you can always thin it out.

Do be generous with the icing; you will need it not only to cover the cake but also for other decorations.

Use food coloring to create a colorful and gorgeous cake decoration!

More About The Icing

When you start the decoration you first choose the tip you will be using. Then hold the pastry bag with the hole down and place the tip inside the bag.

Fill the pastry bag with icing, but do not fill it all up, it will make it hard to work with; a cup at a time will be great.

To check that the icing has the right consistence start it out in a bowl, before you apply it on the cake. If you need to thin the icing, do that with some milk.

A perfect icing should be thin enough to go through the tip and thick enough to make the designs you want to use on the cake.

If you are new to this; practice a few time on a waxed paper before you start decorating the cake.


Let me give you a few more cake decorating icing tips for decorating the cake with icing:

  • Hold the bag with both hands and apply steady pressure in order to make the icing come out in an even strip. Place the bag closely over the cake start and squeezing the length you want, then stop squeezing and lift the tip up and away from the cake. If you are satisfied with how it look; move to the next decoration. If not you might need some more practice on the waxed paper and try again! You will soon get it!

Continue until your cake is finally ready, and be proud that the beautiful cake on that stand is something that you created. With patience, practice and “I can do this” attitude you will become and accomplished cake decorator.

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