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Look……I Found Nemo…! …. A Stunning Cake Top Tutorial…!

When you are planning a birthday party you always want to add a surprise or something extra to it, right? All for the recipient to feel special and to give him or her a nice memory of the day. A great way of doing that is to add cake toppers to the birthday cake. A cake topper you can design and create in a very personalized way, and it will for sure be something extra for the person having the party.

Many kids love this character…..and when I watched the tutorial I did not expect the cake topper to be that simple to make …or maybe it is not…Maybe it just looks easy! Be your own judge of that!


Want to learn how to decorate your cake with cake toppers?

Learn from a professional teacher! Here are a couple of suggestions:

Cake Topper Techniques: Figure Modeling

Cake Topper Techniques: Fondant Animals

In these cake classes, you will learn how to make cake toppers and how to decorate your cakes and get stunning results!

Each class contains several video lessons and every class is interactive, which means that you can always communicate with the teacher if you have some question.

Many many cake decorating lovers have participated in these  classes, and if you click the link you will see what they achieved following the class. There are many pictures of student projects on the homepage.

After purchase you have always access to the classes – it never expires. So welcome on board – do like thousands of others…join a cake decorating class!

And… risk involved…you get full money back guarantee!

Cake Topper Techniques: Figure Modeling

Cake Topper Techniques: Fondant Animals




This website contains affiliate links and the owner of the site might be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on the images or links


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This Amazing Cake Decoration Just Blew Me Away!

I just love spectacular looking cakes, and the cake shown below is no exception. I think it is really like a beautiful piece of art, actually! It looks so professional and hard to make but if you read the description you will be amazed how easy it all is! What if you could make such a cake for the upcoming birthday party! And I have to say: If you are a chocolate lover this cake must be a “must do cake”….you can’t get a cake prettier than this….strawberries and chocolate…what more do we need in this world!

So if you want to try this cake; just take a look at how she is doing it and then try it for yourself, I am sure you will succeed!

…….. IMG_5203

Here is how “doughmesstic” is describing it:

There’s really not all that much to it, to be honest.  It just LOOKS fussy and complicated.  Truth be told, if you can throw some icing on a cake, the chocolate cage will only add a few short minutes of extra time. And, if you can’t ice a cake so well; no problem…no one’s really going to see those mistakes anyway, as they are hidden by the cage.

Now, I did NOT take step by step photos when I made the Valentine Cake, which was a deep, dark chocolate cake with a hint of hazelnut, chocolate ganache, strawberry whipped cream, and chocolate covered strawberries as a garnish.

It was pretty incredible if I do say so myself.  If you all want the recipe, tell me here in the comments, and I will take one for the team and REMAKE that cake.  And I’ll eat it.  But then I will blog about it and give you the recipe.

Read the whole description and see the photo tutorial here:


Cityscape Cakes: Intro to Modeling Chocolate
Cake Design Made Simple: Art Deco with Lindy Smith

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I Had To Scratch My Head And Wonder…What Is This…?

Sponsored ad:

These cute baby converse just blew me away….so lovely! I could easily have taken these sneakers for real shoes or…. maybe it is….?
Click the image to learn how you can make something similar!

……….. full_7046_277462_BabyConverse_1


If you want to make some lovely baby shoe toppers you can join this Craftsy class where you will learn everything you need to make them! They are so cute and you can make lots of variations. The class is interactive so you can ask the teacher if you wonder about something, and of course; you have lifetime access to the class, so watch whenever you like!

I am sure that your cake will be a success with these kinds of cake toppers. Isn’t it great to make something special for the ones we love the most!

So, don’t hesitate…join thousands of other students. Click The image or the link below!

Baby Shoes – step by step. Cake decorating class

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If You Make This Stunning Cake You Will Be Loved Forever by The Little Princess Receiving It!

How would you like to be able to create such a dream cake decoration for your own little princess or some other little girl deserving attention like that? Don’t you agree that it is a great feeling to be able to create such special moments in other people’s lives?

2015-06-30 18_57_52-If You Make This Stunning Cake You Will Be Loved Forever by The Little Princess


So do not feel overwhelmed, to make this cake is not that hard! In this video, you will get all instructions that you need!

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Couldn’t understand how she made this beautiful cake – until I saw the technique…brilliant!

Cake Decorating Supplies

Couldn't understand how she made this beautiful cake











Quilted Cake Decorating Idea by CakesStepbyStep

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