Clean & Simple Cake Design

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Simple Cake Design

Learn how to make these beautiful cakes with modern clean lines. They are very appealing for the eyes and will wow everyone!  Jessica Harris are using an easy waxed paper method to create stunning cakes. That method works for everyone, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional baker.

In this class you will learn all from crumb coating your cake, to transferring templates with waxed paper, and many other cake decorating techniques.

Thousands of students have joined this class and learned how to create beautiful and delicious cakes! As always; the class will never expire and you have access to it whenever you like! Watch the lessons over again if there was something you missed.

And there is always a full money back guarantee on your purchase.


Below you will find many cake pictures, all of them are projects from students that have joined the   Clean & Simple Cake Design Class

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Student Projects


full_1734_292097_ClothesLineCake_1 list_7416_306735_Stripes_1 full_9401_290951_Martiniglasscake_1
full_6625_269553_TuxedoCake_1 full_2845_275288_PracticingSmoothSurfaces_1 list_3261_104320_Verticalstripesbasrelief_2
full_6073_103404_Stipesscallops_1 BLINGBOWCAKE  Circles

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