Designer Handbag Cakes

To the class: Designer Handbag Cakes

……….. Design-A-Handbag


In this class: Designer Handbag Cakes the instructor of this program shows how simple it is to make a designer handbag cake from scratch. With help from the teacher, you can now have your handbag and eat it, too.

In theses videos, you will get a handle on designing these handbag cakes, including texture and custom color choices. You will learn how to sculpt your cake into those fashionable handbags that are currently reining the fashion world, with pleats and divots. Ms. Strauss will teach you everything you need to know about creating genuine-looking buckles, rivets, and zippers, all from gum paste.

So Click the link and join the class now! Designer Handbag Cakes

There is no risk invoöved in purchasing the class since Craftsy gives you full money back guarantee….and the class will be available to you 24/7 – lifetime! So stretch yourself and start creating something extraordinary today! Click Here: Designer Handbag Cakes

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