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How To Make Butter Cream Icing

How To Make Butter Cream Icing

Using buttercream is an easy, yet beautiful way of decorating a cake. Here are a few tips on how to use it:

* For easiest spreading, slightly chill your cake and use room-temperature icing.


* Spread icing on the cake much like you would spread butter on bread.

* Vary the consistency to your needs. If you are going to make flowers or any other figures it needs to be stiffer.  To make it harder; add vegetable shortening to your buttercream recipe.

* The thinner kind of frosting you get if you are adding more milk to the buttercream frosting. Use that for fine lines and other small decorations.

You can think of tons of different cake decorating ideas, such as writing someone’s name and age as birthday cake decoration, or making a beautiful cake decoration image that fit’s the person, like a soccer ball for the soccer fan etc.

Actually, when it come to cake decoration you can be very bold! Use your imagination, think about the person or the occasion that you are making the cake for, and try to find themes that will work well for the event.

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Here comes a classic Butter cream recipe that never fails:

Butter Cream recipe:

 3 lbs. confectioner’s sugar
 3 tsps. vanilla
 About 3/4 c. milk (to the desired consistency)
 1½ lb. butter

Optional: If you are making flowers or other replace butter with shortening


Mix butter until softened and the add vanilla.
Add confectioner’s sugar, 1 cup at a time. Blend on low.
Add milk slowly, until you reach the desired consistency. Take your time adding the milk to get the consistency right.
If piping decorations with this butter cream icing recipe, do not overbeat.

Incorporating too many air bubbles will cause problems during the decorating process.



Learn more about Butter Cream Cakes:

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