How To Make Cupcake Icing – 3 Cupcake Icing Ideas

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Do you love baking? Are you looking to perfect that cupcake of yours with a little artistic touch but you just can’t seem to get that icing right? Fret not.

We all know that everybody and we mean everybody loves baked items be it cakes, pastries or cupcakes. But we also have to agree that if a desert does not look appetizing, then there is a chance that a person will think twice before consuming it.

Remember, people eat with their eyes first. So what should you do to dress up those delicious but somewhat drab cupcakes of yours?

Here are some foolproof cupcakes icing ideas that will definitely make everyone’s mouth water.

Equipments you will need:

• Piping bag
• Different shaped nozzles for decorating.

Here’s how to make cupcake icing from scratch – Ingredients and methods

• Butter Frosting:

1. 1/3 cup Butter

2. 4 ½ cup powdered sugar

3. ¼ cup milk

4. 1 ½ teaspoon

5. Food coloring if required.


Beat butter till it is fluffy in a bowl, and gradually add the 2 cups of sugar, the vanilla essence, and the milk. Add the rest of the sugar and milk if needed to make it reach a spreading consistency, and add the food coloring if necessary. Spread on your cupcakes and watch them come to life.


• Ganache:

1. ½ cup whipping cream
2. 1 x 11 ½ ounce packet of milk chocolate pieces.

Pour the whipping cream into a saucepan and bring it to a boil on medium heat. Remove the saucepan from heat and add the chocolate pieces to it and let it be for 5 minutes and then stir till it is smooth and shiny. Chill it in the fridge and then spread the ganache on your delicious cupcakes.


• Powdered Sugar Frosting:

1. 1 cup sifted powdered sugar

2. ¼ teaspoon vanilla

3. 1 tablespoon milk or any juice.


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl till the icing has achieved a drizzling consistency. Add more sugar or more milk depending on how thick or thin you want your icing to be.

These were some of the most delicious and simple frostings that you can make and that will also help your cupcakes look superbly delectable. But if you want to be a tad more innovative about your icing, then invest in a good piping bag with various nozzles. The nozzles come in different shapes and range from ordinary round tips to star tips which help you achieve beautiful patterns when decorating your cupcakes.


Other Ideas to Decorate your Cupcakes

Apart from your frosting there is a lot you can do to make your cupcakes look more appealing.

• Use candies like M&Ms, jelly beans, and chocolate bars or even edible sparkles to add a glam quotient to your cupcakes.

• Fresh fruits make for great garnishes when it comes to cakes and cupcakes. Add a slice or two of your favorite fruits on top of that icing of yours and enjoy your flavorful cupcakes.

• Cookies and biscuits make for great cupcake toppings as they add an element of crunch to the whole package.

• Chocolate shavings. Simple yet lusciously divine, nobody can say no to chocolate.

• Using a fondant to decorate that cupcake of yours is also a great way to express your creativity. You can purchase ready made fondant from any grocery store and add a dash of color to it, or you can make your own fondant.

To make your own fondant you will need:


1. 1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin

2. ¼ cup cold water

3. ½ cup corn syrup

4. 1 tablespoon glycerin

5. 2 lbs powdered sugar

6. ½ teaspoon vegetable shortening or butter


Start by sprinkling gelatin over some cold water in a bowl and make sure it rests for 2 minutes till it is soft. Now microwave the bowl for 30 seconds till the gelatin has dissolved. Proceed by adding the corn syrup and glycerin to the gelatin, and keep stirring until it is smooth and absolutely clear.

Gradually sift 1 ½ lbs of the sugar in the mixture and stir till the mixture has become sticky. Sprinkle the remaining sugar onto a work surface and turn the fondant onto it and knead till it has become smooth and pliable, add sugar if needed. Coat your fingers with butter and continue kneading.

Your fondant is now ready, but it needs to rest for some time in an air tight container after you have wrapped it in plastic wrap. Add color if you want, and whenever you have to use it, just roll it out and shape it as you want.

• Use colors to bring life into your icings. Gel and paste colors are concentrated, and by just using a little you can achieve the right color. To use gel/paste colors just dip a toothpick into the colors and stir it in your icing. Remember to be creative and playful. What is the use of baking if you are not having any fun?

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The Perfect Cupcake
How To Make Cupcake Icing

Using these recipes and ideas, you can now enjoy decorating those cupcakes and make them even more heavenly. And after seeing your icing prowess, anyone would be forced to admit that you are nothing less than an artist.

Here are som free cupcake videos on how to make cupcake icing for you to enjoy! There is no end of innovative cupcake decorations so get inspired!


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