I Had To Scratch My Head And Wonder…What Is This…?

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These cute baby converse just blew me away….so lovely! I could easily have taken these sneakers for real shoes or…. maybe it is….?
Click the image to learn how you can make something similar!

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If you want to make some lovely baby shoe toppers you can join this Craftsy class where you will learn everything you need to make them! They are so cute and you can make lots of variations. The class is interactive so you can ask the teacher if you wonder about something, and of course; you have lifetime access to the class, so watch whenever you like!

I am sure that your cake will be a success with these kinds of cake toppers. Isn’t it great to make something special for the ones we love the most!

So, don’t hesitate…join thousands of other students. Click The image or the link below!

Baby Shoes – step by step. Cake decorating class

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