This Amazing Cake Decoration Just Blew Me Away!

I just love spectacular looking cakes, and the cake shown below is no exception. I think it is really like a beautiful piece of art, actually! It looks so professional and hard to make but if you read the description you will be amazed how easy it all is! What if you could make such a cake for the upcoming birthday party! And I have to say: If you are a chocolate lover this cake must be a “must do cake”….you can’t get a cake prettier than this….strawberries and chocolate…what more do we need in this world!

So if you want to try this cake; just take a look at how she is doing it and then try it for yourself, I am sure you will succeed!

…….. IMG_5203

Here is how “doughmesstic” is describing it:

There’s really not all that much to it, to be honest.  It just LOOKS fussy and complicated.  Truth be told, if you can throw some icing on a cake, the chocolate cage will only add a few short minutes of extra time. And, if you can’t ice a cake so well; no problem…no one’s really going to see those mistakes anyway, as they are hidden by the cage.

Now, I did NOT take step by step photos when I made the Valentine Cake, which was a deep, dark chocolate cake with a hint of hazelnut, chocolate ganache, strawberry whipped cream, and chocolate covered strawberries as a garnish.

It was pretty incredible if I do say so myself.  If you all want the recipe, tell me here in the comments, and I will take one for the team and REMAKE that cake.  And I’ll eat it.  But then I will blog about it and give you the recipe.

Read the whole description and see the photo tutorial here:


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